Balcony Buddy


We get some big spiders around here, usually in the Fall. They nest in the eaves around our building and build webs spanning 6-7 feet across the balcony or stairs. It’s great that they’re protecting against bugs but…still a little irritating.

One great story though: one night I turned the light on to look at something out on the balcony and saw two spiders slowly climbing toward each other on a strand. When they got close, the lower one attacked. She jumped on the other spider, batting at her with her legs. At one point, one of the spiders got knocked off the strand and fell on a single silk thread about three feet. She regrouped, jumped back to the other thread, and went in for the kill. This went on for about 20 minutes, until one retreated into the eaves.

Monterey Aquarium

Visited some friends in Monterey. One of them, being a talented ocean surveyor, took us on a tour of the Aquarium.

My favorite were definitely the jellyfish:

though this guy gave them a run for their money:

And the seahorses were awesome:

A full gallery: